Product Description

VT-2MSC25 Sand-free Synthetic Turf For Indoor/Outdoor Soccer Fields

Model: VT-2MSC25
Brand: Vita
Height: 25mm
Material: Straight & Curl PE
Density: 18900Turfs/sqm
Dtex: 15500 Dtex
Gauge: 3/8Inch
Weight: 2.7-2.8kg/sqm
Size: 2m/4m width, 25m length
Backing: 2PP or Net+SBR+Glue
Product Description

1. Product Advantages:

a. No rubber No sand infill, save cost.

b. Easy to do the installation.

c.   Movable, can change the field to other place easily.

d. Wear resistance and resilience because of its high density and high dtex, can keep the grass stand up always.

2. Mainly use place:

a. Football field, soccer pitch.

b. Football club and football academy school.

c. Indoor/Outdoor futsal pitch.

3. Non infill sport grass detail specification:

Vita Synthetic Grass for Football

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