Product Description

VT-MSTF50 Apple Green Soccer Artificial Grass For Outdoor Playing Turf Nice Price

Model: VT-MSTF50
Brand: Vita
Height: 50mm
Material: Holland Thiolon PE
Density: 10500Turfs/sqm
Dtex: 12500 Dtex
Gauge: 3/4 Inch
Weight: 2.7-2.8kg/sqm
Size: 2m/4m width, 25m length
Backing: 2PP or Net+SBR+Glue
Color: Dark/Light Green
Product Description

1. Artificial Grass Advanatges:

a. FIFA approved.

b. SGS, CE certificates.

c. Anti-slipper, high elasticity make the ball have great bounce.

d. Anti-UV, can stand high tempreture over 48 degree.

e. Environmental friendly, no harm to kids and pets.

2. Mainly use place:

a. Sports School, football stadium.

b. Amateur or professional football match.

c. Football club and some football academy school.

3. Detial date-sheet of Vita football artificial grass:


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