Infill grass and Non infill grass,which is more suitable for football field?

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Which is more suitable for football field? Infill grass or Non infill grass?

Nowadays, the use of artificial turf has been very widely. With the continuous improvement of domestic technology, there is a soccer field that is free of filling. The football field is mainly divided into filled football grass and free-filled football grass. Many people will have doubts. Is it true that the filled football grass is good or the No-infill football grass is good? Ok, our company Guangzhou VITA Artificial Grass Company will give you a comprehensive understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of filling and filling.

1. Non infill artificial turf grass:

Advantages: First, the cost is low. Filled-free artificial turf no need to infill rubber and sand during the installation process, which means that it saves customers a lot of expenses in the entire site (site construction costs). ), and later will not increase maintenance costs due to quartz sand and particle missing. Second, paving and moving is convenient. It can be moved according to different needs, and it will not affect the use of other venues, especially some indoor venues, which can quickly switch venues (ball games and concerts). Third, the performance is good. The grasses used in the free-filled artificial turf are mix with high-density and heavy-weight grass, so the wear resistance and resilience are better than other grasses.

Disadvantages: First, it is easy to damage. Because the free-filled artificial turf lacks quartz sand and rubber particles to protect the bottom and roots of the grass, it will be squeezed and the studs will be easily damaged in the long-term movement. Second, fatigue. In general, the non infill turf field is paved with a layer of SEPP shocking pad for improved flexibility and cushioning. Because of the lack of fillers, it is softer to step on, which will cause some foot fatigue after the athletes exercise.

2. Infill football artificial turf grass:

Advantages: First, stability. Artificial grass has been developed in the first generation to the sixth generation of the filled artificial grass technology, so it is relatively stable in technology and application. Second, practicality. Filling quartz sand and particles can maintain the straightness of the grass, increase the elasticity, maintain the direction of the ball in motion, avoid the uncertain factors in the game, and reduce the chance of injury in the sports.

Disadvantages: First, the maintenance cost is high. Everyone knows that the maintenance cost of filling artificial turf is mainly to supplement the filling to maintain the smoothness of the stadium. If it is maintained for 40 hours a week, especially for the site with high practical frequency, the cost of such maintenance is also a big deal. Overhead. Second, the installation process is complicated. The need to fill rubber particles and quartz sand increases the overall cost of the project. In addition, for some large venues, such as the 11-person site, the rubber and sand filling machine is also needed, and the sand filling machine also greatly increases the cost. Third, security. The artificial grass itself is produced by environmentally-friendly food-grade raw materials, and it does not have safety problems. However, there are many similar problems in rubber granules. Everyone knows that there are many manufacturers in the market who are making this rubber granule, and in order to save costs, some inferior materials are used. The quality of the rubber particles is not enough. In the long-term sun and rain environment, it is easy to be trampled into powder, and even produce some odor, which has a great impact on the human respiratory system.

So, is it better to fill the football grass more suitable for the football field or fill the football grass? In fact, there is no affirmative answer, mainly based on the budget of the respective venue project, because 80% of the football fields on the market are filled with only 20% of the fill-free type, but the use rate of the fill-free is growing in recent year and far more than the filling type. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact us-- Vita artificial grass, we are waiting for you here.

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