Basic knowledge of artificial grass?

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1. Grass material: PA (nylon), PP (polypropylene), PE (polyethylene).

Most artificial turf mainly use PE grass. Although PA has good wear resistance, the material is too hard and it is easy to burn the athlete's skin. It is mainly used in landscape grass land; PP has poor wear resistance, short service life and narrow application range; PE is soft and with great wear resistant. It is the first choice for sports venues.

2. The form of the grass: mesh grass, mono-filament.

Mesh wire has a lot of performance in many venues in China. Mono filament has become popular in recent years. Its appearance is closer to natural grass, the appearance is beautiful, the wear resistance ability is better than mesh PE, but the price is usually higher than the mesh.


(Mesh PE)                                      (monofilament PE)

3. Pile height: 40-60mm

In the market of Europe and the United States, the height of the football lawn is usually 60mm, while our domestic country use the height is generally 40-55mm. The higher the height of the lawn, the higher the cost, and the cost of filling materials and labor will increase, so most in general are use 50mm one.

4. Yarn count of grass:

Yarn count is usually divided into 6600Dtex, 8800Dtex, 9700Dtex, 12000Dtex, 15000Dtex, etc., which means the weight per 10,000 meters of grass. Usually, the football field uses more than 8800Dtex.

5. Density of artificial grass:

The density of 50mm grass height is usually 10,500 needles per square meter, but the density of the lawn is related to the weight and height. The higher the height or the higher the weight, the lower the density can be. In short, the basic guarantee of the weight of grass per square meter is about 1 kg.

6. Backing adhesive of grass:

Usually the adhesive method is divided into recyclable glue-less PRT, PU backing and styrene-butadiene latex (SBR+Latex). The pull-off performance of PU backing grass is much higher than that of styrene-butadiene latex. It has a bright appearance and good water-resistance. It is more environmentally friendly because it is formed at one time and has fewer additives. However, due to the high cost of PU adhesive, the price of the finished product is usually 20%-30% higher than of the finished styrene-butadiene latex. The recyclable glue-less PRT has superior environmental performance, rapid water permeability, superior pull-out force and environmentally friendly recyclability.

7. Type of backing cloth:

It is usually divided into a composite base fabric and a composite mesh three-layer base fabric. The tensile strength of the three-layer base fabric is relatively higher. It is difficult to distinguish from photos, and the feeling of being generally held on the hand is very different.


   (composite base fabric)                       (composite mesh three-layer)

8. Types of needle moving:

Usually divided into a word, and the Z word. Both types of needle-moving methods can meet the requirements of use. The Z-shaped needle-moving method makes the distribution of grasses more uniform, and the adhesive adhesion of the straws will be higher. However, the Z-shaped needle-making production process is complicated and the production efficiency is low. To meet the large demand of the market, the market almost uses a word.

                                                                                                      (“一“needle)                                      ("Z" needle)

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