How to install artificial grass?

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How to install artificial grass for football field?

The installation of artificial turf is very simple for industry professionals, but for some buyers and customers, after all, there is no contact with professional training, and installation is still difficult, then vita VITA artificial turf Simply tell everyone about the installation steps of artificial turf:


1. Determine the level of the foundation, and clean the site foundation before installing the materials, especially some small gravel left in order to avoid the convex part during the installation process, so it will have a certain impact on the site use. Seriously, it will damage the lawn.

2. Draw a line. According to the size of the site, first use the ink line to play the site line on the ground, determine the center point, mark the point of the site, and the line position.

3. Move the lawn to the site and spread the lawn according to the marked location. When spreading the lawn, the problem to be noted is that the direction of the grass must be consistent, and then cut the lawn according to the drawings.

4. Start the installation, spread the lawn, place the splicing tape at the edge between each grass, and then brush the special turf glue on the splicing belt. Make sure that each turf can be closely connected without gaps.

5. Press the splicing place with a heavy object to prevent the occurrence of gaps. The splicing place can be placed in the granule bag.

6. Prepare the installation of the white line. Cut the green grass at the white line position according to the previously marked white line position, and then follow step 4 to install the white line.

7. Brush the lawn with a scrubber to keep it upright to prepare the rubber particles for quartz sand and artificial grass.

8. Fill the quartz sand with a particle filling machine, wherein the amount of quartz sand is generally 25 kg / square meter, and then the rubber particles are generally 5-7 kg / square meter.

9. The installation is complete.

If you have any questions about the installation of any other artificial turf, please feel free to contact theVITA artificial turf, we have a professional installation team to give you professional advice.

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