What is the artificial grass cost?

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The price difference of artificial turf in the market is relatively large, which undoubtedly brings great confusion to consumers. Why is the price of the lawn of the same parameter so different? In fact, for our manufacturers, the price of artificial turf is relatively transparent, from the selection of materials to the production steps are very well understood. Next, take the football lawn as an example.(artificial grass cost).

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General football grass is divided into domestic grass and imported grass from the Netherlands. Among them, the domestically distributed stalks of grass and without stems, before 2015, the mesh soccer grass is still very popular, but now the mesh soccer turf has been slowly eliminated.

The price of domestic football lawns on our VITA GRASS is generally around 30RMB. The characteristics of these lawns are basically very good. They all use brand new PE materials, which are wearresistant, UVresistant and odorfree. But there are a lot of very cheap price of football grass on the market. Why? Conscience, this price does have manufacturers to do, but the basic use of recycled materials, longterm use, it will produce odor, and even harmful to the health of players, for this behavior, we VITA Artificial Factory is Absolutely refused, absolutely say no!

Next is the import of lawns Holland Thiolon PE football grass in the Netherlands, Serlon, this lawn is completely imported from the Netherlands as raw materials, and then our factory to produce their own, actually imported grass, its price is absolutely not cheap, if it is cheap, absolutely Not really imported grass. Generally speaking, the price of the real Holland Thiolon PE football grass lawn is about 100 RMB, which is expensive for our factory, let alone the customer. In fact, although the artificial turf technology was first introduced from abroad, our domestic turf technology can be completely comparable with foreign countries. The quality of many turf we produce is similar to that of foreign countries, and the price will be relatively favorable. It is not necessary to spend more money to buy foreign "hightech" lawns. After all, it is necessary to support domestic production.

If you have the opportunity to purchase artificial turf, I hope you can give us an opportunity for VITAGRASS. we will do our best to serve you, adhering to the "customer first, quality first" business philosophy.

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