What kind of grass is good?

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The artificial turf is a simulated lawn made of plastic chemical fiber products and artificially produced. It can be used all day, with little impact from rain and snow; simple maintenance, low maintenance cost; environmentally friendly material, surface layer can be recycled and reused, it is irreplaceable for natural lawn. So how do we make better judgments when we are going to use artificial grass?

1. Appearance

Whether the color is natural, the softness of the grass is good, and how it feels.

2. Specification

The length of the grass. In principle, the football field is as long as possible (outside the leisure venue). The longest pile height is 60mm. It is mainly used in professional football fields. The most common length of grass for football field is about 30-50mm.

3. Grass density

First, look at the number of grass needles from the back of the lawn, the more needles per meter of straw, the better; second, the line spacing from the back of the lawn, that is, the spacing of the grass, the denser the line spacing The better.

4. Grass fiber

The finished product of the lawn is composed of filaments, and the main components of the filaments are polyethylene, nylon, polypropylene and the like. The first two are softer than the latter and the price is higher. However, if it is too soft, the grass is difficult to stand up (here, the sports grass), and the rebound ability of the ball is low. There are two evaluation indexes for fiber filament: synthetic grass fineness and fiber diameter. The common sports grass has 5700, 7600, 8800 and 10000, which means that the higher the fineness of the grass, the better the quality. The more the number of grasses per cluster, the finer the grass and the better the quality. The diameter of the fiber is calculated in μm, typically between 50 and 150 μm. The larger the fiber diameter, the better. The large diameter gives the impression that the grass is thick and wear-resistant. The diameter of the fiber is as small as a thin plastic sheet and is not wear-resistant. The index of fiber filaments is generally difficult to measure, so FIFA generally uses the index of fiber weight.

5. Fiber quality

The better the quality of the grass with the same unit length, the better. The grass fiber weight is expressed in terms of the fineness, and the artificial turf Dtex is defined as the mass per 1 10,000 fiber is 1 gram, which is called 1Dtex. The larger the weight of the grass fiber, the thicker the grass. The larger the weight of the grass fiber, the stronger the abrasion resistance. The larger the weight of the grass fiber, the longer the service life. However, the higher the weight of the grass seedling fiber, the higher the cost. According to the age group and frequency of use of the athletes, the suitable grass seedlings should be selected. For large sports venues, it is recommended to use a weighed lawn of 11,000 Dtex or more.

6. other aspects

Guangzhou Vita Artificial turf is used or used to beautify the living environment, so the most important foot and color quality is the first factor to consider. If it is a sports lawn, consider the feeling of the athlete running on it. Whether the trajectory run above meets the requirements of the competition.

Vita Artificial Grass will provide you suitable suggestion for your field, if you need any help or support, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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