Vita Non infill soccer artificial grass open the 4G era of artificial grass

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Vita Non infill soccer artificial grass open the 4G generation of artificial grass

      Vita artificial grass is the first enterprise that come up with the idea of 4G non infill sport

synthetic grass, Vita Artificial Grass has been researching and developing infill-free artificial

grass since 2014, which fill the gaps in domestic and foreign market, the achievement was

awarded national patent in 2015.

The pile height of traditional sport turf is 50mm, the infill quartz sand at the bottom is good for maintaining the grass standing and steady, and infill rubber granules can make artificial turf with the ability of elasticity and impact resistance. So that it can achieve part of sports function.

In the past years, the“poisonous running track”appeal public’s eyes, then suffered “poisonous artificial grass”,people have a lots of doubts about campus plastic running way, football artificial lawn, and from the CCTV news that”who produce poisonous running way”also led people’s angry eyes to rubber granules as one of the raw materials.

Honestly, there is innocent to the qualified rubber granules, but it needs time to rebuild consumers’ confidences . There non infill synthetic turf offer a new choice for campus football field. Non infill artificial grass, no need to infill rubber granules and sand,   but also can satisfy the sports demand for football field, and avoid the possible safety problem about rubber granules.

Guangzhou Vita Artificial Grass non infill sport turf is 25mm and 30mm one, mix   straight yarn with curly yarn, use imported thiolon PE materials, with great advantages of great bounce, and its environment protection and other indicators are much higher than the standard from other tested institution in domestic. Use with shock pad under the non infill artificial grass, improve the professional performance than traditional infill turf.

Vita Artificial Grass Industry Co., LTD has laid lots of non infill artificial fields for soccer since 2015, and we got high reputation from the end-user in terms of our grass appearance, sports performance and protect function to the players.

The free-filled football grass is a different form of the traditional football field lawn. For this reason, Vita Artificial Grass proposed the "4G" concept of artificial turf, so the non infill artificial soccer grass can be as a landmark event and open the artificial turf 4G era. It will surely leave a strong color in the history of artificial turf development.

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