How to choose best artificial grass?

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Today we Vita Artificial Grass will discuss the details about choosing best artificial grass quality.

First, the production process:

The artificial turf production process includes four major processes: selection of raw materials, drawing, weaving, and gluing. There are many factors affecting these four processes in the whole process. How to control the quality of artificial turf is determined by layers. In addition, the stretch-ability of grass filaments (20%-35% belongs to the normal range), the breaking strength (≥110N), the rupture time, etc. are indicators for measuring the pros and cons of artificial grass, which are related to the drawing, plying, and post-retraction processes and their There is a close connection between the choices.

Second, the production of raw materials:

From the raw materials of the grass line, mainly based on high-strength polyethylene (PE) materials, the use of imported high-strength polyethylene (PE) materials combined with a unique formula to produce artificial turf sports performance, grass line gloss Strong, and strong anti-wear ability, good stiffness, high tensile strength and high breaking strength. The grass silk can quickly return to its original state after lodging, ensuring the anti-aging ability of grass silk is as high as 6-8 years.

Third, the base cloth:

The base fabric and the mesh cloth determine the anti-aging ability and the breaking strength of the grass line. Under normal circumstances, the high-quality base fabric and mesh fabric have a horizontal breaking strength, a longitudinal breaking strength and a bursting performance 40% higher than the performance of the same domestic base fabric, and the anti-aging ability is 6 years.

Green backing cloth(Normally is black backing cloth)

Fourth, adhesive

The adhesive is coated with imported polystyrene-butane latex, which has good gloss, strong adhesion and suitable viscosity. After sizing, the turf must pass the binding force, the degree of glue dryness, the abrasion test, the physical properties of the turf (turf breaking strength, bursting strength, tear strength), flame retardancy, etc., and finally pass the test. Product finishing process, roll packaging.

Gluing artificial grass

Vita Artificial Grass is the factory which has been in this lines for more than 10 years, with great experience of artificial grass productions and installations technology.

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