Which types of artificial turf is best for dogs?

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Which artificial turf is best for pets?

Just as cat owners know that they can't grow plants at home, dog owners know that their garden lawns must not live longunless they are synthetic. Let's see why the owner of the dog chooses to use artificial turf? Next vita VITAartificial turf will answer all your questions.


Why is artificial turf a good idea?

Digging: Just as every dogowner with a yard knows (like those dog owners who don't have a yard, we really feel it for you), dogs like to dig pits. If you have a dog in your house, you must know that the dog likes to dig. If your dog likes to scratch the tunnel, it is likely that your clean indoor carpet will suffer.

Shit: Many people worry that if artificial turf is used, the dog will start using it as a personal bathroom, which will cause unnecessary trouble to the dog owner, but in fact, using the correct artificial turf is more effective than natural turf cleaning. it is good. “Better” means that the lawn does not become thin or yellow due to continued use, and because the lawn is synthetic, you can use some cleaning products to eliminate odors without damaging the lawn.

Dog urine: What's worse, dogs also like to pee on the lawn. I know this is very troublesome. Unlike the smelly stools, the nitrogen in the dog's urine is very high. If you use natural lawn, you will Burning grass roots and creating dead ends, permanently breeding grass. Moreover, unless you change the soil and abandon the dog, there will be no rejuvenation of the real grass. All the artificial turf can solve the problem that the natural lawn is "killed" by the dog urine.

Wrong: Another common problem with dog and yard combinations is itching, toxic or parasite activity. It turns out that crickets, crickets, ants and (if you live in an area attract reptiles) snakes are very uninterested in artificial grass. And, by protecting your lawns (pets and children) from pests, it makes your life easier.

Which fake grass is best for dogs?

Artificial grass is amazing in many ways, one of which is special - in this case, we are researching artificial turf specifically designed for dog use. For artificial grass specially tailored for dogs, keep in mind some important functions.

Pet artificial turf belts must be made of polyethylene or polypropylene (nylon is very porous) and designed with a special backing style (ie drain holes) to maximize drainage. Most petfriendly turfs are also formulated with antibacterial agents to prevent the growth of toxins and neutralize the odor. Artificial grass for dogs also has no filling because it retains moisture and the ideal turf is very breathable.

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