What types of artificial grass yarn for football soccer field have?

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What types of artificial grass yarn for football soccer field have?

Football is a very popular sport, and more and more football fields is coming into being, but there are still have many people are confusing about using which type of grass they need to choose, so today our Vita Artificial Grass will share some ideas about synthetic grass types for soccer field with you.

Synthetic turf yarn for football field mainly divided into three types: monofilament sport artificial grass, mesh soccer synthetic grass, monofilament with gluten football artificial turf. They have different use application because of its different performance.

  一、Monofilament sport artificial grass:


How to compare monofilament sport artificial lawn with other types synthetic turf? The fiber of monofilament artificial grass is very thin but with high density, so its simulation is much higher than other types, much more similar with natural turf, and this type of football grass have long lifespan, its anti-slip performance is better than mesh sport turf, therefore, its selling price is also higher than other types. However, with the continuous advancement and development of social economic, the using frequency of football synthetic grass will be more and more higher, and its using range is widely recognized by consumers because of this types of grass have perfect sport feeling.

  二、Mesh football synthetic grass:

             With high simulation, but its fiber will be much more thicker than monofilament, similar to the plastic tying rope, if uncover the low cross section, its main shape is a mesh, so that’s called mesh. Its price is cheaper than monofialment synthetic lawn for football. 

三、Monofilament with gluten soccer artificial turf:

It has one more production step based on monofilament artificial grass production, in the center of monofilament artificial lawn need to provide raise ribs, to ensure its great elasticity and improve its durable performance, so its whole price is little bit higher than monofilament synthetic turf.

Hope these information will help you deeper understand artificial grass after your reading, and Vita Artificial Grass will keep posting artificial grass relevant text, welcomed to your continue following on Vita Artificial Grass. See you next time!

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