How to clean artificial turf grass ground?

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How to clean artificial turf? How to clean the badminton court fake turf? What if the artificial turf in the badminton court is dirty? Is there any better cleaning method?

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How to clean artificial turf? How to clean the badminton court fake turf?

The cleaning of artificial turf is different from that of natural turf. Compared with the tedious and costly work of natural turf, the maintenance of artificial turf badminton is much simpler. We can grasp some small tips in the maintenance and use of artificial turf badminton courts, not only can maintain the sports performance of the badminton court, increase the comfort, but also extend the service life of the lawn to a certain extent! There are three basic types of artificial turf: no sand, artificial turf, filled granules, artificial turf and natural artificial mixed turf. The maintenance of artificial turf is simpler than natural turf. In general, artificial turf is cleaned every week to ensure that the grass stems are upright and the gravel is even.

VITA Artificial turf is now widely used, but it is also a problem if it is properly cleaned. If the lawn is stained, we should first scrub the artificial turf with soapy water, then rinse the place with the fertilizer water with water; if necessary, use a towel with strong water absorption to dry it. If you have shoe polish, suntan lotion, ballpoint pen oil, etc., use a sponge to rub with perchloroethylene and blot dry with a towel with strong adsorption. If you have melon peel, you have to pick it up. If you only have dust, just scan it. Paraffin, tar and asphalt, wipe directly with a sponge or sponge with a perchloroethylene. If the chewing gum is stuck on it, it can be sprayed into small pieces with Freon and then the residue is removed.

If it is simply floating dust, then the natural rain can be cleaned. However, although artificial turf sites generally prohibit the throwing of debris, in actual use, it is inevitable that various kinds of garbage will be generated. Therefore, the maintenance of the football field must include the contents of regular cleaning. Lightweight garbage such as shredded paper husks can be done with a suitable vacuum cleaner. In addition, a brush can be used to remove excess waste, taking care not to affect the filler particles.

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